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Tips About Garage Doors Springs

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Tips About Garage Doors Springs

Free and Useful Garage Door Tips

All the garage door tips shared on this page are not only useful but also easy to apply. You’ll get the explanations and instructions you require to reach your desired outcome. For complex jobs, you can rely on our professionals.

Inspect your extension springs regularly

While you're examining your springs, you mustn't touch them. This is extremely dangerous due to the incredible amount of tension they are under. If you notice any damage or deformation, call for professional assistance right way. Never try to handle spring related issues by yourself.

If your garage door makes scraping noises, check the cables

Scarping noises are usually a sign that a cable is frayed. Inspect both cables from top to bottom to identify any problems. If you find evidence of damage get it replaced as soon as possible. Remember that if a cable breaks, the door can get jammed, tilt to one side and even collapse. With timely replacement, you will avoid these issues.

Inspect the cables regularly

You should refrain from tinkering with the high tension cables that are used to lift your garage door and instruct everyone in your home to do the same. This is because these cables are under a lot of tension, and can actually cause a serious injury when mishandled. However, it is generally safe to inspect their condition from a certain distance, and you should do so regularly to ensure they have sustained too much wear and tear.

Clean the opener's exterior regularly

For automatic garage doors, it’s equally important to clean the motor of the opener, as it is to clean the door itself. The entire system needs to be clean for it to work efficiently and properly. Garages are usually unclean and all sorts of dust and dirt particles can find their way inside the opener's mechanism and hinder its performance. It's a good idea to use a dry piece of cloth to routinely wipe the opener's exterior, leave handling the motor to the professionals.


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